Friday, 21 August 2015

7 Best WordPress Alternatives You Must Consider

WordPress has been one of the most popular website platforms for creating a website. It is one of the most important systems which is not only user friendly but has also been used widely across the world. Although it has been used in creating more than 80 million websites, but there are some other options as well when you get tired of using a single tool and are willing to try something new other than a single option. So it is a list of other alternatives which you can try.


It is a tool which is mostly utilized that offers great features to all the users. It provides excellent services and it is very user friendly option for creating websites. It does not distract you to use different options and it is highly optimized to give the best performance. It has only a single disadvantage of using ghost that it cannot find any cheap host for the website as it uses Node.js. You have to buy a different host for it.


It is a system that is created to make the working of blogs and social sites easy to use. It gives you a user friendly interface and it allows you to easily share photos, videos, blogs and posts. A user spends approximately 150 minutes on this site daily and these people are especially males of 18 to 34 years of age.


It is helpful in loading HTML documents with great speed and it is used as a WordPress alternative all over the world. It uses the best features creating the most user friendly site providing high performance with negligible hacking.


It does not generate static websites and it mixes the components of static to dynamic websites together. It makes you think more dynamically and it is based on CMS. It can be used for free blog themes and this platform is used for programming all the tasks and enables the developers in a very precise and logical way. It brings simplicity to the environment of the websites. All its features are available to its site completely free of cost to the users.

IM creator 

It is a very simple tool to create websites and it is used for making templates that are mobile friendly and easy to work with. You can use different tutorials and you have to work accordingly by providing white labels to the sites. It provides a variety of features which is helpful in creating websites easily. It gives you a very simple user interface to work with and the control panel makes the work even easier. One can design the pages for this website even more dynamically.

Final Words 

These are some of the common websites tool which can be used as an alternative for WordPress and you can try any of them. These are the tools that have been used for creating the website. These are not used in all the cases as people are more comfortable with WordPress, but they can be tried for adding more features and specifications in websites.

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