Friday, 26 June 2015

Why not to install too many plugins on Wordpress Blog?

Wordpress- the best Content Management System for blogging can be modified and exaggerated with the use of plugins. Plugins often tend to add functionalities to Wordpress blog or website. Wordpress itself has more than 25000 plugins that are free for the users. Though, these plugins are most of the times beneficial for your WordPress coupon themes, but excessive use of plugins tends to slow the down the blog speed. This can further have a major impact on site’s SEO. So, if you are a wordpress blog owner, you should not install too many plugins unnecessarily. You must read down below to learn why it is recommended not to install excess of plugins on Wordpress blog.

Installing Too Many Plugins will Slows down Blog

If you have a wordpress blog with too much of extra plugins installed on it then surely your blog will be slow at speed. This is because every plugin that you have installed will be sending request to the server when a user loads your blog. Suppose, you have installed around 100 plugins and have 10000 visitors, the server load will be enormous. Now, if you have just 10 useful plugins installed and same number of visitors then the server load is low and the site will load faster.

All Wordpress Plugins are not Secure

The security of any Wordpress plugin is not dependent on its functionality. So, no matter how well the plugin performs, security offered by that plugin is always a major concern. If the plugin is excellent at performance then surely you cannot ensure the security offered by that plugin. Spies sitting across the internet are playful and can enter into the security of any plugin. This may harm your website. So, it is recommended to install minimal number of plugins to avoid the risk of getting busted by the spies. Less the number of plugins on your blog, more secure your blog will be.

WordPress Plugins Might not be existing for everlastingly

A day might come when the free plugins that you are using on your Wordpress blog might shut down or they might start charging enormous fee. Though, the chances of shutting down of popular free plugins are really low, but less popular plugins may shut down some day. So, choose the plugins that are trusted and are popular among the masses. Try to make minimal use of these plugins. You should only install minimal number of plugins.

Different Plugins Might Conflict

If one plugin is companionable with your wordpress blog then it is not necessary that each and every plugin will function properly with your blog. Some of the plugins might not function properly if you have installed a plugin that is troubling the functionality of other plugin.

Final Say

So, if you are a Wordpress blog user then you must ensure that minimal plugins are installed on your blog and only few useful plugins are there to support your blog. Avoid using too many plugins to make your blog fancier and heavier.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Top 7 WordPress Contact Form Plugins to Go with

Is your WordPress Blog missing something? Give it a look!! Most of the blog owners forget to use contact forms on their WordPress Auction Themes. Contact Forms are not only the important part of a website, but they are equally important for a WordPress blog. Contact forms help the readers to send their query to blog owner or author of the post they have read and allow them to put forward their queries. If your blog is missing out contact form then here is the list of few popular contact form plugins for your blog.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is the widely used plugins by Wordpress blog owners as this can be integrated easily on wordpress blog. You can customize the form in your way and mail the contents using simple markup. It even supports AJAX power submitting, Captcha, and Akismet Spam filtering.

Fast Secure Contact

Form Fast Secure Contact Form Plugin is good contact form builder for blogs on Wordpress. It has power to filter the spam comments and block spammers influentially. Fields can easily be added and removed in the contact form. You can save the user email id to WP database and can even send mail to multiple contacts. It provides you support in 18 languages.

Contact form

You can design a contact form in no time for your webpage or post. Simply, insert the shortcode on the location where you want contact form to appear on site. You can even add attachment to the contact forms and can send message to different places.

Visual Form Builder

Visual Form Builder plugin allows you to create & manage different forms at single point on your Wordpress blog. You can design a fully fledged form in less than a minute. Fields can be added with single click as forms come with multiple fields’ layout option. Form submissions can also be sent to different emails.

Easy Contact Forms

Easy Contact Form plugin provides you with different contact form field types and comes with different field customization tools. Multiple forms can easily be added to your page or post. This plugin adds anti spam protection and multiple data layer validation to the form.

Ninja Kick Sidebar WordPress Plugin

You can use Ninja Kick Sidebar contact form plugin to add contact forms having push animation content. The plugin has got a clean robust design and can add floating button to your wordpress blog. it is an influential plugin for generating more and more sales.

Mapped Contact Form Pro

Mapped Contact Form Pro plugin uses different algorithms to show contact forms on your blog and is preferred mostly by companies or businesses. Location can be added to contact form and every location can be easily configured with different email addresses. You can display contact form on blog using a shortcode.

Final Words

So, these were some of the best contact form plugins that are chosen by most of the Wordpress blog owners to have a strong interaction with their readers. If you want to keep reader flow on your blog then you must install any of these contact form plugin on your blog.