Saturday, 4 July 2015

6 Best WordPress Calendar Plugins for Your Blog

WordPress is the most important and popular platforms to create a website/blog. It has helped to make quality websites and add different features and specifications using WordPress plugins. A calendar looks effective on the website created by WordPress when you have to inform all the dates to the visitors of your websites. So, these are a list of the best WordPress calendar plugins for your website.

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Booking calendar

It is the best suited calendar plugin that offers you an online booking service in the website. It is user friendly ad is flexible to use. You can design the calendar according to your specifications and requirement you need to fit in your site. It has an easy panel available for booking and customers can submit the applications and select the days they want to book as per their need.

Ajax Event Calendar

It is one of the most user friendly plugin that reminds you for all the events by listing in the calendar. Other feature of this plugin helps to delete or add the events by the users. It can also display the events that are daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. It helps the listing of events. It also helps to track the events, provide the time duration of each event and displays sidebar options.

WP Simple Booking Calendar

This helps to create booking calendar easily. It reminds the visitors about the events that are scheduled to happen in near future. It can also be used to make unlimited booking calendar for every user that has been registered in the website calendar.


Calpress Calendar

This calendar helps to manage the events on WordPress website and it has also got an intuitive interface for all its users. It has an extra feature of adding or deleting the calendars instantly and moreover, users can find the events by searching only.


Google calendar events

This plugin has been used to help the calendar grid display inside the posts, widgets, or web pages by the users of the website. It can be customized according to requirement of the user. Users can decide the date, time, duration and the number of events according to their own will. Users can also decide the type of website they want.


All in one event calendar

The users use the widget to schedule the events and list the events that are about to come. They can create advance calendars using the unique feature of the plugin. It is considered most suitable for the websites that are event based and the companies which use a lot of dates and schedules for their events. It combines the architectural patterns, design and many other unique features.


Final Words

Thus these features are helpful in the industry and the websites that requires the use of calendar plugins for reminding the users and the registered people of the website about any upcoming event, duration of the event and manage their time accordingly. They can customize the calendar according to their own will. Hence, this helps to provide the best WordPress calendar plugins for your website.

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