Thursday, 26 June 2014

Create Premium Classified Ads

Premium classifieds service may be a straightforward and convenient various to free ads, giving additional visibility and management. produce a Premium Classifieds in order that your message can stands out and might be created visible to additional folks. you'll be able to create folks to appear through the ads by making a premium classifieds. Premium ads area unit displayed in an exceedingly distinctive means than all alternative free ads. in contrast to free ads, Premium ads area unit for good visible on the Classifieds front page and pages of their classes. Users can see a text box that features the ad text and a link to your ad’s detail page.

With WordPress Premium Classified your ad are going to be revealed on prime of the page and can be republished for thirty days, per the set up. For Premium add you wish to pay solely two to ten Rupees per day for thirty days. For Premium classifieds one will post their ad in newspapers, magazines and might additionally post on-line. For online, there area unit several websites to make a premium classifieds, use the "Post associate ad" link to submit your advertizement. Your ad are going to be verified and approved usually at intervals two hours. when approval you may receive a confirmation email with a payment link. For payment possibility one pays with credit and Debit, VISA or MasterCard.

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