Friday, 21 August 2015

7 Best WordPress Alternatives You Must Consider

WordPress has been one of the most popular website platforms for creating a website. It is one of the most important systems which is not only user friendly but has also been used widely across the world. Although it has been used in creating more than 80 million websites, but there are some other options as well when you get tired of using a single tool and are willing to try something new other than a single option. So it is a list of other alternatives which you can try.


It is a tool which is mostly utilized that offers great features to all the users. It provides excellent services and it is very user friendly option for creating websites. It does not distract you to use different options and it is highly optimized to give the best performance. It has only a single disadvantage of using ghost that it cannot find any cheap host for the website as it uses Node.js. You have to buy a different host for it.


It is a system that is created to make the working of blogs and social sites easy to use. It gives you a user friendly interface and it allows you to easily share photos, videos, blogs and posts. A user spends approximately 150 minutes on this site daily and these people are especially males of 18 to 34 years of age.


It is helpful in loading HTML documents with great speed and it is used as a WordPress alternative all over the world. It uses the best features creating the most user friendly site providing high performance with negligible hacking.


It does not generate static websites and it mixes the components of static to dynamic websites together. It makes you think more dynamically and it is based on CMS. It can be used for free blog themes and this platform is used for programming all the tasks and enables the developers in a very precise and logical way. It brings simplicity to the environment of the websites. All its features are available to its site completely free of cost to the users.

IM creator 

It is a very simple tool to create websites and it is used for making templates that are mobile friendly and easy to work with. You can use different tutorials and you have to work accordingly by providing white labels to the sites. It provides a variety of features which is helpful in creating websites easily. It gives you a very simple user interface to work with and the control panel makes the work even easier. One can design the pages for this website even more dynamically.

Final Words 

These are some of the common websites tool which can be used as an alternative for WordPress and you can try any of them. These are the tools that have been used for creating the website. These are not used in all the cases as people are more comfortable with WordPress, but they can be tried for adding more features and specifications in websites.

Monday, 20 July 2015

5 Best WordPress Support Themes of 2015

Should you possess a organization and run offerings to sell merchandise then your internet site theme must be potential situated. The theme that you simply use need to provide understanding to every consumer concerning the products and other offerings you might be delivering to the person readily. A advantage headquartered topics for client aid, FAQs, or wiki is what your institution need for solving most of your problems. In case you have created your enterprise internet site on WordPress then here are few of the WordPress community templates for you. You need to have an in depth eye over them to search out the first-rate one.

Help Guru 

This theme allows you to create a advantage headquartered solution for your consumers and purchasers for serving to them understanding your services. This theme is moreover complimented with the aid of perform, responsive, and easy layout. It has reside customizer aid to cut back the number of tickets. The retina in a position icons of this theme are definitely wonderful. The theme is extremely customizable and comes with child theme. You can buy this theme at $58 from themeforest.

Know how 

It is a wordpress capabilities base without any monthly subscription expenditures. That you could set a complete potential base in less time. The theme has received responsive design and is derived with tons of aspects. It presents you animated navigation, Video post structure choice, one-of-a-kind language help, 2 widget and lots of other facets. The theme is seo competent and is deisgned using CSS three and HTML 5. It'll cost you $forty eight to buy understand how theme.


It's an additional knowledge based Wordpress theme that allows for you to create a personalized database of the know-how and articles. It's extremely effortless to manage this theme and it even supplies you a just right FAQ procedure. The theme will also be bought at $43. The minimal design of this theme is quality for the businesses that desire to have a gentle frontend theme.

Knowledge Base 

This theme is well fitted to knowledge base and wiki style websites. This selection wealthy and clean theme can be used for offering aid to the purchasers. The bbPress discussion board plugin will permit you to design your possess forum and add it to your website. It has vast theme alternative and is constructed in Twitter Bootstrap. You're provided with four different colour skins and AJAX based reside search. That you would be able to get it for $58 with huge range of aspects.


Flatbase is truly a FAQ founded wordpress theme that may even furnish nice support to customers and aid you out to have interaction with consumers. It is without doubt one of the well crafted whole options for individuals who desire to create their own support. The responsive design, reside customizer, extraordinary layouts, fonts, multi language support, and many other aspects make it a wholly customizable theme. That you may avail this theme at $forty eight only.


So, these had been one of the crucial first-rate Wordpress topics which might be expertise headquartered and may act as Wiki and FAQs options for distinct customers. If you are watching to create such internet site then you definately ought to purchase any of these themes.

Monday, 6 July 2015

7 Most Popular Facebook WordPress Plugins for 2015

Facebook, which is owned by Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook Owner), is the most popular social media websites that can provide large user interactions on the post that you share on this social media platform. WordPress plugins tend to ease out the work of every user and give them means to share directly from their blog to their Facebook wall. Here are few WordPress Facebook plugins that a WordPress blog owner can choose to allow his/her readers to share blog post directly from the blog.

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Feed Facebook, Leave Facebook 

User is allowed to create a separate feed that contains partial information and you can even share it with other users on Facebook. It also allows the user to share valuable information rather than complete feed with other Facebook users.

Facebook Fan Box 

This plugin is used by most of the bloggers to increase fan following of their post or page. The users can check out their fans and all the recent updates to their posts on social media sites. One can activate the widget and insert the code anywhere on his/her blog to get started.

Gigya socialize 

Gigya Socialize plugin brings Social APIs and other authenticated data from Facebook Connect, Google, Twiterr, Yahoo, MySpace ID and few other social platforms. User just need to go through Gigya’s website and find their secret keys to get started with this wonderful plugin on their blog.

WP-Facebook Connect 

Your Wordpress blog can be turned into Facebook sharing network with use of this plugin. It works on Facebook Connect APIs and adds different features to your wordpress blog. You can directly post comments on Facebook feeds and can also comment of such type of posts.


Fotobook is another great wordpress plugins that will link to Facebook accounts and start importing photo albums to use them for WP installation. These photos can be used in post and pages. Facebook APIs are used to import the photos.

Facebook Dashboard Widget 

Facebook Dashboard widget plugin is a clean plugin and easy to use. It displays all your friends that are available on facebook. You can view notifications on Wordpress by simply login as administrator. You can easily view all the updates made by your friends on Facebook through your Wordpress Dashboard without login into Facebook.

Add to Facebook 

When you activate this plugin on your Wordpress blog, you will see a ‘Share on Facebook’ option beneath every post on your blog. After user click on it, user will be redirected to Facebook on which he/she can share the post. If user is not logged in, then he/she will be prompted to login to his/her facebook account to share the post.

Final Words 

So, these were the most popular Facebook plugins of year 2015. If you wish to add certain Facebook functionalities on your Wordpress blog then you can use any of these plugins to enhance user engagement and sharing by the user. Give these plugins a try and find the most suitable plugin for your blog.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

6 Best WordPress Calendar Plugins for Your Blog

WordPress is the most important and popular platforms to create a website/blog. It has helped to make quality websites and add different features and specifications using WordPress plugins. A calendar looks effective on the website created by WordPress when you have to inform all the dates to the visitors of your websites. So, these are a list of the best WordPress calendar plugins for your website.

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Booking calendar

It is the best suited calendar plugin that offers you an online booking service in the website. It is user friendly ad is flexible to use. You can design the calendar according to your specifications and requirement you need to fit in your site. It has an easy panel available for booking and customers can submit the applications and select the days they want to book as per their need.

Ajax Event Calendar

It is one of the most user friendly plugin that reminds you for all the events by listing in the calendar. Other feature of this plugin helps to delete or add the events by the users. It can also display the events that are daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. It helps the listing of events. It also helps to track the events, provide the time duration of each event and displays sidebar options.

WP Simple Booking Calendar

This helps to create booking calendar easily. It reminds the visitors about the events that are scheduled to happen in near future. It can also be used to make unlimited booking calendar for every user that has been registered in the website calendar.


Calpress Calendar

This calendar helps to manage the events on WordPress website and it has also got an intuitive interface for all its users. It has an extra feature of adding or deleting the calendars instantly and moreover, users can find the events by searching only.


Google calendar events

This plugin has been used to help the calendar grid display inside the posts, widgets, or web pages by the users of the website. It can be customized according to requirement of the user. Users can decide the date, time, duration and the number of events according to their own will. Users can also decide the type of website they want.


All in one event calendar

The users use the widget to schedule the events and list the events that are about to come. They can create advance calendars using the unique feature of the plugin. It is considered most suitable for the websites that are event based and the companies which use a lot of dates and schedules for their events. It combines the architectural patterns, design and many other unique features.


Final Words

Thus these features are helpful in the industry and the websites that requires the use of calendar plugins for reminding the users and the registered people of the website about any upcoming event, duration of the event and manage their time accordingly. They can customize the calendar according to their own will. Hence, this helps to provide the best WordPress calendar plugins for your website.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Why not to install too many plugins on Wordpress Blog?

Wordpress- the best Content Management System for blogging can be modified and exaggerated with the use of plugins. Plugins often tend to add functionalities to Wordpress blog or website. Wordpress itself has more than 25000 plugins that are free for the users. Though, these plugins are most of the times beneficial for your WordPress coupon themes, but excessive use of plugins tends to slow the down the blog speed. This can further have a major impact on site’s SEO. So, if you are a wordpress blog owner, you should not install too many plugins unnecessarily. You must read down below to learn why it is recommended not to install excess of plugins on Wordpress blog.

Installing Too Many Plugins will Slows down Blog

If you have a wordpress blog with too much of extra plugins installed on it then surely your blog will be slow at speed. This is because every plugin that you have installed will be sending request to the server when a user loads your blog. Suppose, you have installed around 100 plugins and have 10000 visitors, the server load will be enormous. Now, if you have just 10 useful plugins installed and same number of visitors then the server load is low and the site will load faster.

All Wordpress Plugins are not Secure

The security of any Wordpress plugin is not dependent on its functionality. So, no matter how well the plugin performs, security offered by that plugin is always a major concern. If the plugin is excellent at performance then surely you cannot ensure the security offered by that plugin. Spies sitting across the internet are playful and can enter into the security of any plugin. This may harm your website. So, it is recommended to install minimal number of plugins to avoid the risk of getting busted by the spies. Less the number of plugins on your blog, more secure your blog will be.

WordPress Plugins Might not be existing for everlastingly

A day might come when the free plugins that you are using on your Wordpress blog might shut down or they might start charging enormous fee. Though, the chances of shutting down of popular free plugins are really low, but less popular plugins may shut down some day. So, choose the plugins that are trusted and are popular among the masses. Try to make minimal use of these plugins. You should only install minimal number of plugins.

Different Plugins Might Conflict

If one plugin is companionable with your wordpress blog then it is not necessary that each and every plugin will function properly with your blog. Some of the plugins might not function properly if you have installed a plugin that is troubling the functionality of other plugin.

Final Say

So, if you are a Wordpress blog user then you must ensure that minimal plugins are installed on your blog and only few useful plugins are there to support your blog. Avoid using too many plugins to make your blog fancier and heavier.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Top 7 WordPress Contact Form Plugins to Go with

Is your WordPress Blog missing something? Give it a look!! Most of the blog owners forget to use contact forms on their WordPress Auction Themes. Contact Forms are not only the important part of a website, but they are equally important for a WordPress blog. Contact forms help the readers to send their query to blog owner or author of the post they have read and allow them to put forward their queries. If your blog is missing out contact form then here is the list of few popular contact form plugins for your blog.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is the widely used plugins by Wordpress blog owners as this can be integrated easily on wordpress blog. You can customize the form in your way and mail the contents using simple markup. It even supports AJAX power submitting, Captcha, and Akismet Spam filtering.

Fast Secure Contact

Form Fast Secure Contact Form Plugin is good contact form builder for blogs on Wordpress. It has power to filter the spam comments and block spammers influentially. Fields can easily be added and removed in the contact form. You can save the user email id to WP database and can even send mail to multiple contacts. It provides you support in 18 languages.

Contact form

You can design a contact form in no time for your webpage or post. Simply, insert the shortcode on the location where you want contact form to appear on site. You can even add attachment to the contact forms and can send message to different places.

Visual Form Builder

Visual Form Builder plugin allows you to create & manage different forms at single point on your Wordpress blog. You can design a fully fledged form in less than a minute. Fields can be added with single click as forms come with multiple fields’ layout option. Form submissions can also be sent to different emails.

Easy Contact Forms

Easy Contact Form plugin provides you with different contact form field types and comes with different field customization tools. Multiple forms can easily be added to your page or post. This plugin adds anti spam protection and multiple data layer validation to the form.

Ninja Kick Sidebar WordPress Plugin

You can use Ninja Kick Sidebar contact form plugin to add contact forms having push animation content. The plugin has got a clean robust design and can add floating button to your wordpress blog. it is an influential plugin for generating more and more sales.

Mapped Contact Form Pro

Mapped Contact Form Pro plugin uses different algorithms to show contact forms on your blog and is preferred mostly by companies or businesses. Location can be added to contact form and every location can be easily configured with different email addresses. You can display contact form on blog using a shortcode.

Final Words

So, these were some of the best contact form plugins that are chosen by most of the Wordpress blog owners to have a strong interaction with their readers. If you want to keep reader flow on your blog then you must install any of these contact form plugin on your blog.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Start a Job Board Website

A Job Board Website is a website your deals specifically with work or careers. Many employment websites are designed inside allow companies to posting job requirements for a position to be filled. Job Board sites offer manager reviews, career and job-search pointers, and describe different job explanations or employers. Through a job website, the best prospective employee can locate and fill out a job application or submit resumes throughout the internet for the advertised position. You can also start a job board website using WordPress Job Board Themes.

To start a Job board website, create a website. Each location must be attractive and easy to use with search capabilities for users to find on appropriate jobs that they are hunting for. Creating money, of program, is always a primary focus for task board operators in which job boards are businesses. Job boards have two core audiences, employers and job seekers. So, the job websites will focus on these two groups. You can directly add jobs from companies. You need to mention the work title, description and the job type for the job detailing you are adding. These job board websites must provide the users with good possibilities to notice the best task according to your capabilities and knowledge.